Present Perfect – Examples in Songs (Clips, Lyrics ,Karaoke)


  • Have You Seen Her – The Chi-Lites
  • Have You Ever Seen the Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • (I’ve Had) the Time of My Life – Bill Medly, Jennifer Warnes
  • Have you ever really loved a woman – Bryan Adams
  • Have You Ever – Brandy
  • The Impression That I Get – Mighty Might by Bosstones
  • I’ve Just Seen a Face – The Beatles
  • All These Things I’ve Done – The Killers
  • (Have you heard about) The Lonesome Loser – Little River Band 

 Can you think of any other songs to add to this list? 

Write the song’s title in the comment section below, if you can!

Videos below are no longer available @YouTube – Will update a.s.a.p

Present Perfect in Songs (Originals)


 Present Perfect in Songs (Lyrics on-screen)


Present Perfect in Songs (Karaoke)



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